Do we remember our soldiers only in times of crisis?

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ndtv_logoPublished On: June 30, 2013 | Duration: 53 min, 22 sec


As our soldiers save the day again in Uttarakhand, We The People debates, does the country remember our soldiers only in times of crisis and forgets them in peace time?

I come in at 18.34 minutes,40.10 minutes and 47.10 minutes.


One thought on “Do we remember our soldiers only in times of crisis?

    Dhirendra Krishna said:
    July 4, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    My perceptions on the subject are based on service in Corps of Engineers of Indian Army 1963-68, participation in 1965 war, National Defence College New Delhi in 1982 and M.Phil thesis on internal security and governance in 2011 ( National Defence College and University of Madras.) In my short service of about five years as Emergency Commissioned Officer, I participated in a war and have seen the pressures at work during such situation: many persons spend entire career in the forces, without doing so.

    The discussion on NDTV misses out the basic core issues, while raising public debate. Is the nation doing enough to keep up the morale of armed forces during peace-time, to enable them to react to crisis ?

    What are the armed forces, BSF,CRPF, ITBP and police expected to do during the peace time, to equip themselves to handle crisis? Main issue is that of morale and commitment to sacrifice their lives, if and when the situation demands. Respect to the man-in-uniform by the society is essential for high morale; Government is instrumental in demonstrating respect and appreciation. Provision about pension, appropriate terms and conditions of service and taking care of ex-servicemen, are some of the ways of inculcating required morale.

    Most commissioned officers have a grouse when they compare with their counter-parts in class-1 services, as the parity has tilted to their disadvantage, over the years. This subject has not got the attention that it deserves.

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