The Last Word: How different will an AAP government prove to be?

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Guests: Shailaja Chandra (Fmr. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Delhi) ; Prof. Pushpesh Pant (formar professor of Poltics) ; Siddharth Vardarajan (Senior Journalist) ; Atishi Marlena (member, AAP Party) and Anchor: Karan Thapar

I come in at 1:04 minutes,11:44 minutes 15:35 minutes 19:55 minutes and 23:18 minutes.


One thought on “The Last Word: How different will an AAP government prove to be?

    Hemen Parekh said:
    December 25, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    The Sinking Ship ?

    It is said ,

    ” When a ship is about to sink , the rats desert it ”

    Is Congress , a sinking ship ?

    Here are some reasons to believe so :

    > Some years back , TMC deserted it

    > Ever since A Raja / Kanimozi episode , DMK was threatening to leave it .
    This finally happened last week

    > On issue of Telengana , TSR left sometime back. Now Kiran Reddy is
    about to leave

    > Last week , Prafull Patel gave a hint that NCP is getting ready to leave ,
    when he he asked Congress to own up all of its past mistakes , starting
    with 2G Scam

    Earlier , Sharad Powar had made it amply clear that he won’t work under
    Rahul Gandhi as a PM

    > Having got a ” Clean Chit ” from CBI in the dis-proportionate assets case
    Mulayam has started distancing himself from Congress

    > Having got special status for Bihar , Nitish has ceased to cozy-up

    And now , to top it all , Congress workers ( motivated by Sheila Dikshit / JP Agarwal ? ) , are demanding that Congress withdraw its ” Outside Support ” to AAP

    For a ” Re-born Reformist ” Rahul , it is a classical case of ,

    ” Dammed if I do , dammed if I don’t ”

    If he agrees to withdraw support BEFORE the swearing – in ceremony scheduled tomorrow , he will stand exposed as a fickle-minded and a foolish leader , who cannot be trusted , even by friends !

    If he decides to withdraw support AFTER the swearing-in , ( by voting against the confidence vote , mandatory for a minority government ), people of Delhi would hold HIM responsible for bringing down AAP government

    And that would make Arvind Kejriwal , a martyr !

    And further ensure that in a re-poll , AAP returns to power with a thumping majority and Congress loses , even those 8 seats !

    From the view-point of 2014 elections , such a total rout of Congress in Delhi , would be a dream-come-true for BJP !

    But I hope , Arvind – and his party men – realize that :

    > Sinking of the Congress-Ship , is neither their objective , nor a priority
    Leave that job to BJP !

    > Delivering on pro-poor reforms is their priority No ONE

    > To be able to deliver these reforms , it is necessary for AAP to assume
    power – then survive Confidence Vote to retain that power

    > To remain in power ( a noble cause ) , they need continued support of

    > For Rahul to quell his internal mutiny ( engineered by the sitting
    Congress MLAs who suffered at the hands of AAP candidates ) , AAP
    must not push him to the wall !

    > If AAP goes after the past corruption cases of defeated Congressmen
    ( – and women ? ) with vengeance , Rahul will be left with no option
    but to withdraw support


    In a game of chess , you don’t try to checkmate your opponent in the very first move !

    It has to be your FINAL / WINNING move !

    If need be , please re-read your Chanakya !

    * hemen parekh ( 25 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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