No to English – Has the Centre Caved In on the UPSC row?

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ndtv_logoPublished On: August 4, 2014 | Duration: 47 min, 54 sec

The government has given in, now English marks in the UPSC paper won’t be counted. But many protesting students, who feel the exam is against Hindi-speaking people, believe it should be scrapped completely. Should the government have given in at all? Is the English language key for the success of civil servants? We debate on the Left, Right and Centre.

Click  to view video
Click to view video

Guests: Shailaja Chandra (Former Bureaucrat) ; Yogender Yadav (Former, UGC Mermeber) ; Sambit Patra (Leader, BJP) ; Narender Kumar (UPSC Aspirant); KC Singh (Former Secretary, MEA) and Nidhi Rajdan, Anchor .

I come in at 11.32 minutes

I come in at 8.22 minutes

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