Medicine or Murder: Time to Scrap the Mass Sterilisation Policy?

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ndtv_logoPublished On: November 16, 2014 | Duration: 47 min, 36 sec

India has more women who rely on sterilisation to prevent pregnancy than any other country. On this episode of We The People, we ask: why should the burden of family planning fall on women alone and whether the policy of providing financial incentives for sterilisation needs to be scrapped.

Click for play video
Click for play video

Guests: Shailaja Chandra (Former ED, Population Fund) ; Dr. Sambit Patra (BJP), Shobha Ojha (president, All India Women Congress), Sujatha Rao (Former Secretary, Health), Dr. S.K. Sikdar, (Deputy Commissioner, Family Planning) , Poonam Muttreja (Executive Director Population Foundation of India) and Anchor: Barkha Dutt, Executive Editor.

I come in at 6.21 minutes, 9.31.08 minutes, 16.45 minutes, 26.30 minutes, 37.16 minutes, 42.32 minutes and 45.51 minutes.


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