A Billion Plus: India to Have Largest Population by 2022

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ndtv_logoPublished On: August 30, 2015 | Duration: 36 min, 49 sec

India will have the largest number of people in the world, more than China, which should perhaps be India’s biggest policy issue at the moment. Will this be demographic dividend or disaster? How are we gearing up for this? Joining the discussion are Shailaja Chandra, former head of the National Population Stabilisation Fund, Sudha Pillai, former secretary of the Government of India, and others.

Click for play video
Click for play video

Guests: Shailaja Chandra (Former ED, Population Fund) ; Sh. Shaurya Doval (Director, India Foundation), Sudha Pillai (Former Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment and Planning Commission), Vikram Singh Mehta (Chairman, Brooking India), Sanjay Kumar (United Nations Population Fund )and Anchor: Sonia Singh, Editorial Director, NDTV.

I come in at 1.14 minutes, 19.08 minutes, and 35.06 minutes.

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