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Lodhi Gardens -Then and now

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I used to visit Lodhi Gardens more than half a century ago. What has changed ? For the better or the worse ? As I see it …..


When trinkets become jewellery

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Is there a woman who does not treasure her pile of trinkets? Well here is true account of how trinkets were transformed into jewellery.

How times have changed my friend

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This is a podcast from Shailaja on how life has changed hugely for my generation but much more so for today’s kids.It is a simple lighthearted 3 minute piece for today’s moms and dads.

Hammering RTI

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This podcast talks of the state of the RTI law which was such a useful tool in the hands of the ordinary citizen. A judgment of last September has overturned a lot of things and I speak of my experience and my apprehensions.