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‘बड़ी बहस’ With Manoj Manu @ 8PM

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Published on 13 Oct 2017

Samay Editor Manoj Manu Having Debate on Most Migrants in Delhi are from UP, Bihar Only…. people from across the country come here in Delhi to study or to Work…. Bihar’s shares rising very fast in this case…..


Abortion Laws: Caught In A Time Warp?

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ndtv_logoPUBLISHED ON: September 24, 2017 | Duration: 52 min, 00 sec

It is estimated that in India, a woman dies every two hours because of unsafe abortions. Just 10 per cent of the estimated 70 lakh abortions that happen in India every year are said to be documented; the rest are assumed to take place in shady clinics, often run by quacks. In a landmark ruling in September, the Supreme Court of India allowed a 13-year-old rape victim in Mumbai to terminate her 31-week pregnancy. Yet the same court in July ruled that a 10-year-old raped child, should not be allowed to abort at 28 weeks. On We The People we ask: Why did the families of these children have to go to the court for a private decision? And, is it time for the 46-year-old Indian abortion law to be amended?

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CNN-News18 : Nirmala Sitharaman Top Gun in Modi’s 2019 Team

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CNN-News18 :
Published on 3 Sep 2017

Narendra Modi has gone for a massive revamp of his council of ministers. Two weeks of intense speculation finally gave way to some bold and surprising decisions. While 9 new ministers were sworn in on Sunday, four were elevated to Cabinet rank.

Guests: Shailaja Chandra, Former chief secretary, Delhi Govt ; Sambit Patra, BJP ; Swapan Dasgupt, Member, Rajya Sabha ; Saba Naqvi, journalis ; Jaiveer Shergill, Congress and Bhupendra Chaubey, News Anchor

हिंदी समाचार बुलेटिन-7 बजे: बच्चों की मौत का बढ़ता आंकड़ा

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rjtvहिंदी समाचार बुलेटिन – Sept 01, 2017 (7 pm)
Rajya Sabha TV | RSTV: Published on 1 Sep 2017

हिंदी समाचार बुलेटिन: बच्चों की मौत का बढ़ता आंकड़ा

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Unqualified Medical Practitioners In India – The Legal, Medical and Social Dimension of Their Practice

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HEALTH TALK “Unqualified Medical Practitioners In India – The Legal, Medical and Social Dimension of Their Practice”


Main Building, India International Centre (IIC), Lodhi Estate,

on 24th July 2017

Introduction by Shailaja Chandra, Former Secretary Government of Indian and author of a recent book on the subject

Panelists: Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, Princeton University; Dr Amit Shovan Ray, Professor of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University; and Dr. Anand Krishnan Professor, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS New Delhi

Chair: Dr. Dipankar Gupta, former Professor of Sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University

HEALTH TALK “Unqualified Medical Practitioners In India – The Legal, Medical and Social Dimension of Their Practice”
Introduction by Shailaja Chandra,Former Secretary Government of Indian and author of a recent book on the Subject
Dipankar Gupta was formerly Professor in JNU’s Centre for Social Systems and affiliated to leading Universities in the US, Canada and France. Among non-academics he is better known as a public intellectual and opinion- maker who continues to write regular opinion pieces on critical issues of contemporary significance. He has been a member of the Boards of Reserve Bank of India and of NABARD
Introduction: Shailaja Chandra is generally introduced as the former Chief Secretary of Delhi. But much before and after that she has had a long policy level association with public health, medical education, population stabilisation and Indian medicine.
She is the author of a Status Report on the Indian systems of medicine and a strong proponent of integrative medicine for public benefit. She was the first Executive Director of the National Population Stabilisation fund.Ms Chandra has been a fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nantes, France and more recently at the Shiv Nadar University.
Mr C K Mishra Union Health Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Panelists: Ramanan Laxminarayan directs a Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy and also teaches at Princeton University. With experience of working in WHO, the World Bank and CDC Atlanta he brings the unique perspective of an international epidemiologist and a drug resistance economist. Notably he was a TedMed Speaker in 2014 and his talk focused on growing drug resistance an aspect which is directly related to the subject of medical treatment by unqualified practitioners.
Panelists: Amit Shovon Ray is a Professor of Economics at the School of International Studies at JNU and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (UK). He is a development economist and an expert in the areas of health economics, IPR and pharmaceutical industry. Of special relevance to today’s Seminar are his contributions to the Independent Commission on Health in India and in particular his critiques of the functioning of the health sector. Professor Ray has published on a range of subjects but his work on medicines, medical practice and health care in India as well as the political economy of rural health care in the country make him eminently suited to comment on today’s subject.
Panelists: Professor Anand Krishnan is a faculty member at the Centre for Community Medicine at AIIMS for last 23 years. He heads the WHO collaborating centre for community based control of non- communicable diseases and has worked closely with WHO in supporting many countries in the region like Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Myanmar, Srilanka, East Timor in strengthening their national NCD Surveillance and response. He also steers a large research grant from CDC Atlanta focused on the prevention and control of pneumonia. He has spent 20 years at the rural centre of AIIMS at Ballabagrh and has a first-hand experience of primary health care issues. Relevant for today’s event is that he guided Ms.Chandra’s work on unqualified practitioners
Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Director General, ICMR & Union Secretary, Department of Health Research (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)

An Officer And A Coal Scam

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ndtv_logoPUBLISHED ON: May 22, 2017 | Duration: 21 min, 18 sec

The coal scam has claimed ex-coal secretary and two other former bureaucrats. Is this a watershed moment for anti-corruption? Agenda looks at why IAS officers are protesting.

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Guests: Shailja Chandra, Former Chief Secretary of Delhi; Sanjay Bhoosreddy, IAS Association, Pranav Sachdeva, Advocate

Anchor- Sunetra Choudhury

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The Big Picture – Delhi LG’s order on government ads

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Published on 30 Mar 2017 Rajya Sabha TV | RSTV

Guests: Siddharth Mishra, Consulting Editor, Millennium Post; Anil Verma, Head, ADR; Shailja Chandra, Former Chief Secretary of Delhi; RM Sinha, Advocate, Delhi Court

Anchor- Frank Pereira